Custodian Vaults, located in Sydney’s CBD is the perfect answer to your secure storage needs.

Priding themselves on their unrivalled security, privacy and affordable service, Custodian Vaults provides you with the peace of mind that home storage cannot provide.

From as little as $21 per month, they can ensure your most valuable items are kept safe and secure at all times.

With unlimited access and extended opening hours, you can access your items with ease, while knowing that they are secure. You can store anything from bullion, to jewellery, passports and documents, data storage, hard drives and irreplaceable family heirlooms.

Custodian Vaults offer 4 different size boxes, depending on how much you wish to store with us, with all sizes currently available for lease. Our security procedures are second to none in this custom built, state of the art facility, with a 2-tonne vault door, access codes, fingerprint access and photographic identification. Also utilised, is a 2 key access system for added protection with this multi-layered approach to security ensures the lowest risk for you and your items. 

To book a tour or to chat with on of their friendly staff, please call 1300 665 765 or visit