Introducing a capsule collection inspired by the femininity, allure and playful nature of the modern woman. These contemporary yet timeless pieces are a mix of solid gold, diamonds and pearls making luxury affordable. Elsa’s first jewellery collaboration emanated from her years in fashion, modeling, acting and having always been surrounded by beautiful jewels. “I realised gold jewels were an unattainable treat for most young women, unless they were gold plated. I was therefore inspired to curate an affordable collection of solid gold jewellery. “Gemma Stone” is synonymous with affordable luxury so this collaboration was a perfect fit, with my collection aimed at a younger demographic“ This collection is versatile with an interchangeable attitude. Most earrings are available as a single or pair purchase, allowing you to curate and personalise your own collection. “Being solid gold allows me to wear the pieces from the beach to the red carpet, without ever having to take them off.” “Cause there’s nothing like the real thing baby…”




Avoid spraying perfume and applying creams directly on your jewellery. While strong, our jewellery is still fine and delicate and will break if pulled during vigorous activities. 


Most pieces are made from 9ct solid gold and can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or ideally a jewellery cleansing solution. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels. 


When not being worn always store your jewellery in a safe, dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. We recommend individually placing your jewellery in the provided. This will ensure your jewels do not oxidise or tangle.


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