Personalised Jewellery on Afterpay

Purchase Personalised Jewellery on Afterpay at Gemma Stone Jewellery

Our affordable luxurious and contemporary jewellery is hard to resist. These attractive, timeless pieces are also perfect for gifting. Birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions do not only come around when you are financially flush. To overcome this, we offer jewellery on afterpay or lay-by. You can save further costs with our free nationwide shipping policy.

When choosing an engagement ring,

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Share the Cost and Buy Personalised Jewellery on Afterpay as a Group

Group ordering is another way for you to give that special someone the perfect gift they deserve. Siblings, friends or colleagues could shop and purchase as a group by using our shared cart and chat room. You would invite those you wanted to share this group with by entering their e-mail address. You remain in control and can set a deadline and budget for the group purchases which could be for one or multiple items. We offer the option of a gift card in the event of you being undecided about the gift you would like to bestow on that special someone.

Afterpay Jewellery Available Through our Concierge and Online Services

Special occasions creep up on us unexpectedly. We overcome this challenge through our concierge services available in Sydney. We meet at our showroom in Sydney or come to you and ensure everything runs smoothly and guide you to select the perfect piece of jewellery. Alternatively, you can purchase an elegant or bespoke piece from our online store. Please bear in mind that when we create unique pieces, the manufacturing time can delay time of delivery.

As you still have the Afterpay or lay-buy option with both these services, you can present your gift in good time and continue payment on our convenient payment terms.

Fashion Wise Planned Purchases

Our range of jewellery brings glamour and glitz to you for every juncture of your life. Be sensible and purchase your fashion clothing around your jewellery. Buy clothing items which will best display your chosen piece. Often understated jewellery makes a loud statement when paired with the correct outfit. Remember, our pieces are timeless while fashion changes with the seasons.

You can make use of the facility to purchase jewellery on Afterpay and build up your stunning collection of earrings, bracelets and rings. If you need guidance as to which pieces are better suited for the office, we will gladly assist you. Contact us and arrange a time suitable for you to start this beautiful journey of self-appreciation.

Remember jewellery lasts a lifetime, and you can pass it down from one generation to another. With proper care and storage methods, your pieces can retain their lustre and increase in value over time. If possible, always store your jewellery pieces separate from one another to prevent scratching and tangling. Bring your jewellery back to Gemma Stone Jewellery regularly to have it cleaned and polished. Should you accidentally break or damage your jewellery, have it repaired soonest.

Come to Gemma Stone Jewellery and experience our exceptional customer service which is second only to our luxurious contemporary jewellery. Luxury has never been this affordable.


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