Asscher-Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Looking for a Diamond Engagement Ring? Here’s What You’ll Love about Asscher-Cut Halo Engagement Rings from Gemma Stone

Asscher-cut diamond engagement rings are a great example of older trends regaining their popularity. Originally sought-after during the Art Deco period, Asscher-cut engagement rings are known for their “hall of mirrors” effect due to their unique shape. As modern brides-to-be seek out alternatives to more commercial princess-cut and round diamonds, the Asscher-cut ring has quickly made its way back into the spotlight. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring for someone special, consider these reasons to check out a selection of Asscher-cut halo engagement rings.

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Brilliance and Flash

The Asscher cut is well-known for its flash and brilliance. It is a “step cut,” meaning that it has rectangular facets that run parallel to the edges, giving it a unique effect similar to looking down a hall of mirrors. Its deep cuts give it more sparkle than an emerald cut, making it perfect for someone who loves the vintage look but wants a sparkly, modern upgrade. You may hear the Asscher cut referred to as a “square emerald” because of the similarities between the two cuts, but the Asscher has larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table–all of which give it a more brilliant look.


One of the nice things about the Asscher cut is that you aren’t limited to Asscher diamond engagement rings – you can choose a gemstone instead, if you prefer. This cut works exceedingly well with coloured stones such as sapphires, rubies, and aquamarines as well as coloured diamonds. Whether you have your heart set on a traditional diamond or prefer less conventional options in an engagement ring, the Asscher cut is a great choice.

Timeless Style

The Asscher cut has been around for nearly a century, experiencing several revivals over the years. This style is timeless and classic, withstanding season after season without losing its appeal. Many new Asscher-cut rings even have an authentic vintage look. That factor makes this cut an ideal choice if you want to buy a diamond ring that will hold its relevance even when your children’s children are looking for engagement rings of their own.

No Sharp Edges

Sharp edges may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about buying an engagement ring, but it’s a relevant consideration, especially if the recipient’s job might cause them to bang the ring against other objects–as in a kitchen setting, for example. An Asscher engagement ring doesn’t have sharp edges or prongs that may break with heavy use as some cuts can.

Where to Find an Asscher Engagement Ring

If you are ready to choose the perfect engagement ring to start off your life together, Gemma Stone Jewellery can help. We have an online store and a personal concierge service through which we offer quality jewellery at budget-ready prices. We have engagement rings as well as a range of 9k, 18k, and sterling silver jewellery so that you can find the perfect piece for any occasion. We can also offer Afterpay and layby payment options to make purchasing your ring as easy as possible. Contact Gemma Stone today to learn more about our custom solutions.


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