Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Find the Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Eternity Wedding Band You Want

Are you trying to find the perfect engagement ring for someone special? You’ve probably realised by now that you have many options to choose from – almost too many. Narrowing it down to the cut you want can help you reach a decision. A cushion-cut engagement ring and wedding band is a classic combination that offers timeless beauty and high sparkle. The cushions cut is one of the oldest in existence, getting its start back in the 1700s in a version known as the “old mine” cut. This cut features a high crown with a small table and flat facets. Here are some of the reasons so many people love the cushion cut.

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Ageless Beauty

The cushion-cut engagement ring with a diamond band has been around for hundreds of years and is making a comeback in a big way. Some trends end up looking dated after a few years, but the cushion cut isn’t one of them. There’s been a surge in the popularity of vintage pieces recently, as more people seek out jewellery and other items that will stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a ring that’s on trend now and won’t lose its appeal as the decades pass, the cushion cut is for you.

Soft Light Dispersal

If a flashy, brilliant ring isn’t your thing, then a cushion cut may be the right choice. The larger facets of this cut disperse light, creating a soft, lovely rainbow of colours. It’s a subtler effect than a flashier cut and may be perfect for someone who prefers a more delicate, subtle look in their accessories. The large facets also make the cushion cut an excellent option for coloured diamonds. These facets showcase the coloured hues beautifully. If you choose a coloured diamond, the cushion cut can allow you to get a large stone with a deep colour that won’t cost as much as other coloured diamond cuts.

No Sharp Edges

One of the nice things about cushion-cut rings is that they have pronged edges that won’t snag on clothing or become tangled in hair. Some rings need to be removed when washing or styling hair, but that won’t be a problem with a cushion cut. It’s true that a diamond is one of the hardest materials on earth, but the prongs can become damaged and loosen the setting. Many people have lost valuable stones because the sharp edges get caught on something and loosen the prongs. The cushion cut has no sharp edges to cause this occurrence.

Where to Buy a Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring with Eternity Band

At Gemma Stone Jewellery, we offer a wide range of diamond engagement rings in the cuts, styles, and settings you want. Shop online or choose our concierge service and we’ll come to you. We can also create limited-edition, bespoke pieces to give you a truly unique piece of jewellery to enjoy or give to someone special. If you’re getting ready to pop the question and you’re looking for the perfect ring to kick off your eternity of wedding bliss, contact Gemma Stone today.