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Whether you are shopping for a gift for a birthday, an anniversary or a holiday like Mother’s Day, you can hardly go wrong with handmade jewellery. A gorgeous piece of jewellery is the perfect gift for virtually any occasion. It feels special in a way that many other gifts don’t, and has the potential to last for a long, long time. In many families, jewellery pieces even become heirlooms, getting passed down from one generation to the next.

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Gemma Stone Jewellers: Your Source for Custom Diamond Rings Online in Australia

If you are shopping for custom diamond rings online in Australia—or any other type of custom jewellery, for that matter—Gemma Stone Jewellers is the right place to shop. We make custom jewellery design projects easy, all without requiring so much as a trip to the jewellery store. Indeed, we operate almost entirely online. If you want face-to-face interaction, we can help you arrange a personal concierge service, where we come to you to help you design the perfect jewellery piece. Otherwise, we find that we can meet customer expectations and quality standards through online communication.

About Our Group Gifting App

Another great thing about our online status is our group gifting app. In many cases, if you are gifting handmade diamond jewellery for an engagement or an anniversary, it is just coming from one person. If you are shopping for a gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday or Christmas though, then the gift might be coming from multiple people. If you are in a situation where multiple people will be splitting the cost of a bespoke piece of jewellery, we can make that entire process easier.

Group gifting is always a smart idea in theory. Splitting the cost of something—especially an expensive jewellery piece—is a good way to get someone you love a terrific gift without putting too much financial burden on any one person. In practice, though, group gifting doesn’t always work well. Collaborating on choosing a gift is difficult—doubly so if you are in the market for a bespoke piece of jewellery—and chasing down people for money can be awkward and embarrassing.

At Gemma Stone, we make group gifting easy. Say you are buying your mum a pair of custom diamond earrings for her birthday and are planning on splitting the cost with your siblings. You can sign up for our group gifting app just by using your Google, Facebook or email account and password. Next, invite the people who will be sharing the cost of your purchase. From there, you can browse our selection using a shared cart and chat room. You and your siblings can discuss different pairs of earrings, set a group budget, add items to the shared cart and make a group purchase. If you decide to go the bespoke route, simply purchase a gift card for the amount you would like to spend and get in touch with Gemma Stone to get the project started.

Do you have any questions? Whether you want to learn more about our bespoke process, our premium handmade jewellery or our convenient group gifting system, we invite you to contact us today.