Congratulations on you decision to get engaged!

Choosing a ring can be a daunting task, with all the information and opinions you might receive. The most important factors for you to consider however, is the diamond…and how it’s set.


Follow our simple guide to help select the perfect ring:


How much should I spend?

The old rule of thumb that you should spend two months’ salary is, in fact not a rule. The main thing is to combine value and a beautiful diamond to create a ring she’ll love forever.

Start with a budget and purchase a diamond of the highest quality you can afford. You may need to compromise on aspects such as size, but a quality, sparkling diamond will delight for many years and truly hold its value.


Which precious metal should I use?

We can create a ring in the precious metal of your choice. Platinum and yellow gold are most popular choices – generally if your fiancée wears yellow gold normally, that’s a good guide.