You can Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings on Afterpay at Gemma Stone Jewellery

We have a superb range of bridal jewellery designed in 9ct or 18ct yellow or rose gold as well as designed in silver and platinum. Elegant, luxurious jewellery has never been this easy to own.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

We understand the yearnings of a heart in love. Once you decide to pop the question, you don’t want to wait, and nor should you have to. Amble over to our online store and tarry a while. You are sure to find the perfect engagement ring available on Afterpay. We have various styles to cater for the sophisticated lady looking for a sleek style, the romantic lass who appreciates a delicate design or that unique design for your free-spirited lady.

You can have a ring manufactured to match a unique design which you sketched on a serviette or ask us for guidance in designing an exceptional expression of love. To keep within your budget, we offer you a unique service. If you buy your diamond from us, we guarantee a lifetime upgrade service. We will credit the value of the smaller diamond against the value of the larger diamond. This way, when your budget allows, you can replace the first diamond with a larger one.

Don’t Let Time Restraints Steal Your Thunder

These days everyone rushes about with little time to spare. You need not let that hinder your plans to make that special someone your fiancé. Along with our offer of engagement rings through Afterpay, we have a concierge service available in Sydney. You can book an appointment to come and meet with us, or we could come to you. After you have decided on the ring you desire, our concierge service continues and can help you plan the perfect proposal. From a ride in a hot air balloon, horse-drawn carts, romantic restaurants and a myriad of romantic ideas to setting the scene and creating a surprise to make this a memorable moment.

Know Your C’s

When you purchase a diamond, it is not an investment you should take lightly. Be sure you know the 4 C’s of diamonds Clarity, Cut, Carat and Colour. These all determine the quality of the diamond which dictates its value. We have added the 5th C for certification. A certificate will assure you that you get what you have paid for and add to the gifting experience.

Wedding Rings Now Available on Afterpay

We offer an eclectic range of wedding bands to complement the engagement ring you have chosen. You may prefer a snug fit with the engagement ring or a sit-alongside ring. Regardless of your choice, we have a fabulous range of wedding rings to purchase on Afterpay. Our range includes rings for the contemporary man, and we also have unisex rings on offer.

We have addressed all the possible challenges you may face when you propose. Contact us and let us put the sparkle in the eyes of your loved one while you put a sparkle on their finger.


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