Oval Cut Halo Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Find Beautiful Oval Cut Halo Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings for More Affordable Prices

When it comes to shopping for oval engagement rings, it’s important to be realistic. Sure, when you are about to ask someone to spend the rest of their of life with you, it makes sense to want to buy them the whole world. However, the fact is that engagement rings can get expensive. Plus, you will (hopefully!) have a wedding to budget for and plan in the not too distant future. Setting a budget for your ring shopping is completely fair and doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or getting your soon-to-be fiancé something that isn’t gorgeous and perfectly suited to her.

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Shop with Gemma Stone Jewellery for Fairly Priced Oval Halo Engagement Rings

Whether you are shopping for oval halo engagement rings or another engagement ring style, Gemma Stone Jewellery is here to help you keep to your budget. Instead of stopping by the jewellery stores in your nearest mall or downtown square, check out our website. We are an online-only business that works directly with jewellery workshops to create stunning handmade pieces. We effectively cut out the middle man of the jewellery-buying process—a fact that enables us to offer our customers high-quality products at wholesale prices.

If you already have an idea of what you want, you can browse our website for ready-to-go engagement rings. For instance, you can type ‘oval cut engagement rings’ into the search bar to see what rings we have available which meet that description. If you can’t find a ring that suits your vision or budget, let us know. We also offer bespoke jewellery and can even schedule a personal concierge service for you. If you live in the Sydney area, we can send a jeweller to you to help you sketch out plans for the perfect custom ring.

If you have a tight budget and do end up needing to buy a ring with a smaller diamond than you would prefer, also know that Gemma Stone Jewellery offers lifetime diamond upgrades on every diamond jewellery piece we sell. If you purchase any diamond from us, you can return it later and we will credit the full value of the diamond towards the purchase of a larger diamond. So, if you buy an oval diamond solitaire engagement ring today with a half-carat diamond and end up wanting to upgrade that in a few years, you can trust that Gemma Stone Jewellery will make the process painless and fun. This kind of option is a wonderful way to mark an anniversary or other a special occasion.

Start Exploring Our Rings and Wholesale Prices Today

Engagement rings can be costly, but with Gemma Stone Jewellery, your purchase doesn’t need to break the bank. Between our wholesale prices and our options for totally bespoke oval diamond engagement rings and other jewellery pieces, we can work with you to find the perfect ring on a budget that works for you. To learn more about our business, or to schedule a personal concierge service with one of our jewellers, contact us today.


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