Purchase Your Solid Silver Jewellery, Including a Cuff Bangle or Bracelets, at Gemma Stone Jewellery

Are you searching for the perfect accessory to complete your look? A piece of silver jewellery is an elegant way to set off any outfit. Gemma Stone Jewellery offers a unique line of bracelets and bangles that are sure to complement your style.

Your Choices for Solid Silver Bangles

If you are shopping for solid silver bangles, you should consider the Solid Silver ‘Toluca’ Bangle. This item is oval and 62mm by 72mm in diameter. It pairs nicely with a dress when you plan for a night out on the town or need an accessory suitable for a formal office environment.

Another beautiful option is the Silver ‘Palo’ Bangle. This single-coiled bangle is 14.5mm thick so it is clearly noticeable when you wear it. As a unisex piece, it is a lovely present for the special man or woman in your life.

Your options for shipping for these pieces can vary depending on your location in Australia. Our team begins work on filling your order as soon as we receive payment. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so if you have any issues, simply contact us within 14 days to unlock our Quality Guarantee policy for complete peace of mind.

Tips for Cleaning Solid Silver Jewellery

One of the best things that you can do to preserve solid silver jewellery is to wear it regularly. The natural oils in your skin help to fend off tarnish so that your silver piece continues to look new and shiny.

Remember to remove your solid sterling silver bangle bracelets before you start cleaning your home. Certain substances found in household cleaners, including some chemicals, can corrode your jewellery. Exposure to hair spray and lotions can also diminish the look of your treasured trinkets over time.

Make sure to take your bracelet off when you go to sleep to avoid any harm while you are tossing and turning during the night. Store each piece individually in an airtight plastic bag to prevent scratches caused by other jewellery.

Polishing silver is an ideal method of ensuring that it maintains its sparkle. Since silver can sustain scratches with improper cleaning techniques, your best bet is typically to go to a professional for this service. Excessive polishing can wear down the plating of the item, so use this option sparingly.

Shop with Us Today

The Gemma Stone Jewellery team understands the feeling of pride that you receive when you show off a solid silver cuff bangle. We strive to provide you with the best options on the market so that you can keep showing off beautiful pieces for years to come.

We understand that budget can play a role in your selection, which is why we work with Afterpay to make your choice easier to finance. Taking advantage of the Afterpay option allows you to receive your order now and spread out your payments over a few weeks.

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