White Gold Cushion-Cut Halo Engagement Diamond Ring

Choosing an Engagement Ring Such as White Gold Cushion-Cut Halo Diamond Rings

If you have decided to propose, you may be in the process of looking for the perfect engagement ring. One of the advantages of shopping online is the vast selection of rings to choose from, such as white gold cushion-cut diamond engagement rings and many others. When trying to find the perfect ring, considering your partner’s personal style is a great way to choose a ring they’ll love. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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Elegant and Traditional

Someone who prefers timeless, elegant style may appreciate a classic solitaire setting. The solitaire is an extremely popular style in engagement rings. These rings come in a variety of band styles such as plain metal or diamond. You can choose different settings such as a basket or trellis setting for an extra touch of refinement. Round diamonds are popular choices in solitaires, but you can also find other cuts, such as a white gold cushion-cut engagement ring.

Outgoing and Stylish

If your significant other is someone who likes to dazzle with glamour, they might love a setting that holds the stone higher up or perhaps one with some sparkling diamond accents on the band of the ring. Halo engagement settings are well-loved; these settings feature a circle of diamonds around the centre stone to add flash and make the centre diamond appear larger. A white gold cushion-cut halo engagement ring is an excellent example of a flashy, brilliant piece of jewellery your fiancé will love showing off.

Outdoorsy and Nature-Loving

Is the recipient of your gift someone who is happiest and most at home in the great outdoors? Then look for settings designed with organic elements such as vines, leaves, or flowers. If the love of your life is very active, look for a ring that holds the diamonds low and close to the hand. Another good idea is a bezel setting that holds the stone snugly; this type of setting will offer extra protection for the diamond.

Contemporary and Modern

A person who tends toward more fashion-forward, trendier styles may appreciate a sculptural ring or a ring that plays around with non-traditional forms and settings. Bezel settings have a clean, modern look; you could also choose to forego the traditional centre-set diamond altogether and look for a wide band full of breathtaking detail. Diamond or gemstone accents can add sparkle and flash to this type of band.

Where to Find Yellow or White Gold Engagement Rings

If you are unsure, you can always propose with a diamond in a temporary setting, and then your fiancé can choose their own perfect setting. Whether you are looking for traditional yellow or white gold engagement rings or something entirely different, Gemma Stone Jewellery can help. We have a wide range of engagement rings available, or we can help you design something unique for your special someone. We can even come to you via our personal concierge service to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. We offer quality, luxury jewellery at affordable wholesale prices, and we include lifetime diamond upgrades. Contact Gemma Stone Jewellery today, and we’ll help you find the perfect engagement ring.